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Carbon Cycles and Sinks: How Forests Fight Global Climate Change

In December 2020, the Canadian government announced its plan to plant two billion trees in the next decade, at a cost of $3.16 billion. That strategy is anticipated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 12 megatons by 2050, while creating as many as 4,300 jobs in the process. As
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Forklift Safety in the Warehouse and Working Yard

Forklift Traffic sign on loading dock
Forklifts and pallet jacks play a critical role in the handling of goods in supply chains. They are essential in moving palletized loads, crates, bundles of lumber, and other products. Powered industrial trucks (PITs), such as forklifts and pallet jacks can raise, lower, and transport
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Small Pallets Can Carry Huge Benefits

When it comes to the efficient handling of pallets, it makes sense that bigger should be better. Why move 100 cartons at a time when you can do 125? A larger pallet translates into more productive forklift handling. In the case of pallet selection, however, other factors can skew deci
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Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for Wood Pallets

Wood Pallet Recycling
EPDs can provide insight to buyers, as well as support pallet customer LCA and green marketing efforts. Think about EPDs as you would the nutrition label that you look at on food packaging, except instead of reporting saturated fat and calories, it is environmental impacts that matter
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Four Essential Tips to Manage Pallets During this Holiday Season

Santa Claus driving a forklift
It is definitely not the season to be jolly if your supply chain grinds to a halt for lack of pallets. If the order picking crews are scrambling to find pallets to build orders, then shipments can quickly get delayed and complicate the delivery schedule. Here are four essential tips f
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How Forklift Drivers can Reduce Wood Pallet Damage

Call it synergy – the combined result is exponentially more potent than the sum of the individual components involved. That’s the way it is for pallets and forklifts. The development of pallets and unit load handling dramatically has improved material handling. The mutuall
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Workplace Safety and Wood Pallet Handling

Companies recognize the importance of wood pallets and the imperative for working safely around them. With 80% of U.S. commerce transported under pallets, their role is crucial in warehouse and supply chain operations. While each workplace will have a unique risk profile that will ult
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The Peculiar Pricing of Wood Pallets

In explaining why wood pallet prices vary, let us look at gas prices as a comparison. Consumers reluctantly accept the upward and downward shifts in prices paid at the gas pump. People understand that gas prices are largely dependent upon the price of crude oil, and so changes in the
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5 Ways to Eliminate Unwanted Wood Pallets from Your Business

Most companies benefit from sustainable and cost-effective pallet systems, and overall, wood pallets are highly recycled. The most recent research has determined that 95% of wood pallets in the United States are recycled. For some businesses, however, empty pallets can stack up over t
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