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Avoid These 6 Mistakes When Buying Wood Pallets

When it comes to buying wood pallets, there are several factors to consider. Modern Materials Handling Magazine’s 2018 annual survey found that purchase price was the most important factor in the selection process for 57% of respondents, although this was down from 59% and 60% in the
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Introducing the Chemical Pallet Pool

CP-1 Pallet
There are several pallet pools that provide quality assured pallets for their respective supply chains. Pallet pools offer standardization and the opportunity for pallet reuse and environmentally friendly pallet solutions. The CP or chemical pallet pool is one pallet pool you might no
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Identifying and Mitigating Mold on Wood Pallets

Wood Pallet being power washed
As we pass through the hot summer months in North America, an increasing number of Nature’s Packaging readers are entering search queries regarding pallet mold. Whether you are a pallet supplier, a pallet user, or even as a hobbyist, there are practical steps that can be taken to prev
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The Importance of Wood Pallet Markings and Colors

picture of a standard ISPM-15 marking on wood background
In the modern supply chain, there is a huge potential for the use of smart pallets – Internet of Things (IoT) technology enabled wood pallets that are capable of transmitting valuable data.  Already, some pallets carry sensors that can not only aid in geo-location but also track
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How to Reduce the Hidden Cost of Damaged Pallets

damaged wood pallets
While the cost of repairing a wood pallet or replacing it is obvious, there are hidden costs to damaged pallets as well. When companies perform a root cause analysis to identify the source of a problem, they often trace back issues such as workers comp. claims, product or equipment da
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Pallet Pooling and the Circular Economy

Wood Pallet Recycling
When effectively executed, pallet pooling is an approach to pallet management that can help promote pallet reuse and help save money for pallet users. It is also an environmental best practice that too often flies under the radar. That is rapidly changing, however, as pallet pooling p
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COVID-19, Supply Chain Trends, and Pallet Selection-What’s Important Now!

warehouse racks with pallets of goods
COVID-19, Supply Chain Trends, and Pallet Selection-What’s Important Now! The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted supply chains and consumer behaviors worldwide. It has heightened the awareness of sanitation and is accelerating shifts involving shopper format preference and palletize
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Pallet Recycling Equipment Trends

Pallet Recycling Equipment Trends As the recycled pallet sector continues to evolve, it finds itself facing new challenges such as the deterioration of pallet pool quality, the need for higher throughput, and labor availability constraints. Increasingly, however, creative machinery pr
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Pallets and the Power of the Cube

shipping containers
Pallets and the Power of the Cube Space, as the original Star Trek series noted, is the final frontier. And space can be a vexing constraint for supply chain professionals at every stage of physical distribution. Operators must make the most of space in the warehouse and space in tran
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