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Combo and Re-manufactured Pallets: A pathway to sustainability and value

If you haven’t heard about combo and re-manufactured wood pallets, you just might be missing out on an important opportunity. Re-manufactured custom and standard wood pallets can provide great value and enhance the sustainability of your supply chain. They can be more cost effective t
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Wood Pallets – Recycled or New?

Recycling symbol
Wood Pallets – Recycled or New? You have just been tasked with reviewing your company’s existing wood pallet procurement program. Or, your company is just starting to ramp up and now it’s time to choose the most practical pallet for the job. One question that shipper
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Wood Pallets 101

The Pallet Industry “Pallets Move the World” is the motto of the National Wood & Pallet Container Association and it is most definitely true. Wood pallets are widely used in the supply chain and can be found in nearly every type of logistics operation , whether it be p
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N95 Mask Disinfecting and Re-use

UPDATE: With the critical shortage of N95 masks across the country and the bulk of the supply going to those at the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis, there now seems to be a viable workaround to re-use the mask after disinfecting. This may prove invaluable to workers in industries tha
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The Sustainable Supply Chain – Forest Products (Part 2)

Welcome back! In part 1 of this series, we looked at how wood pallets are used and recycled in the supply chain. In this post, we will focus on the lifecycle of wood products in the supply chain and learn about a unique tool. The Lifecycle of Wood Products in the Supply Chain Accordin
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The Sustainable Supply Chain – Forest Products (Part 1)

recycled pallet stacks
As supply chain decision-makers urgently turn their focus toward sustainability, they are looking at opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions through initiatives such as renewable energy, transportation optimization, IoT (internet of Things), and more. But have you considered how wood pa
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Sustainability and Recycling for Corporate Leaders

Sustainability Ties
Sustainability for Corporate Leaders The buck stops at the top when it comes to corporate leadership and environmental responsibility. Sustainability has become a core element of corporate strategy, and the creation of effective policies and programs plays a crucial role in supporting
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What is a Chief Sustainability Officer?

What is a Chief Sustainability Officer? The recent emergence of the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) role as a C-suite executive is a signal that sustainability initiatives are now a center stage concern in the modern corporate environment. In the latter 20th century, sustainability
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What is Supply Chain Sustainability?

What is Supply Chain Sustainability? Corporations are under more significant pressure than ever before as we collectively strive for a more sustainable future. They increasingly recognize that much of the work to be done extends far beyond the four walls of factories and retail locati
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